Erin’s Marlore Our Story

When Erin, Marla, and Loren became friends (through a crazy series of events involving a community band, free concert tickets, a trip downtown and road rage) it became apparent they had a lot in common. Two of those things being they all play music and they love St. Patrick’s Day and Celtic music. It was later that year that they decided to  go see one of their favorite bands, Eclectic Revival. After hearing them, the three were inspired to get together and play. As St. Patrick’s Day approached, the girls had decided they wanted to create a band together and, given how close it was to St. Patrick’s Day, they decided that they would work on a Celtic song and record it before they left for the bar that night. So St. Patrick’s came around and they recorded Tell Me Ma and posted it to Youtube, then headed to the bar for a night of fun and dancing. Marla came up with our band name, which is a combination of our three names. She was trying to think of something very Celtic sounding and “Shillelagh Gals”, “Drunken Women”, and “RightUpUrKilt” just wasn’t cutting it. So, she put their three names together and came up with Erin’s Marlore…thus the band was created and they have not looked back since

Erin’s Marlore Members



Erin is a classically trained vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who has been involved in music all of her life. From an early age she knew that she would be doing something musical with her career at every stage. Currently she is involved with 3 different bands including EML and is a Flute and Vocal teacher. Her love of Celtic culture has been ingrained in her as her entire families history is Celtic, she was even named after Ireland itself. She is probably the most quiet and shy of the group but that all changes once she gets up on stage to sing all of her favorite songs with her two favorite friends.


A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Marla has been involved in music her entire life. Her passion for Celtic and Folk music began when her Dad took her to the Highland Games to experience part of her family and heritage as a young child. She fell in love with the music and culture. Her Love for Celtic music has expanded to East Coast and Beyond. Marla’s main instrument of study is actually the piano. She’s been training classically for over 10 years and teaches full time in her home town. Probably the loudest of the group, you’ll always find Marla singing and laughing…unless you spill her beer.

 Photo Credit: Mike Attard

Loren has been playing music since she was very young and is currently teaching piano and violin. She is a multi-instrumentalist who plays violin, piano, flute, and guitar. Loren has played in various bands, ensembles and orchestras. The next instrument she claims to want to learn is the electric triangle. Loren is the fiddle/guitar player and backup vocals in Erin’s Marlore. Her jokes are terrible but everyone loves her anyway. As the silly one of the group, you can usually find her at the bar ordering more beer.