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Hello everyone!


EML here and sorry it took us so long to post anything new but we have been rather busy as of late working on new gigs, music and a cd we will be having out shortly. First off we would like to thank everyone who has been so supportive and has stuck with us through everything, it means so much to us that you all have been coming out to our performances and enjoying out sound and we love you all for that! It is you all that help us grow and make it so we can perform in more places which is our favorite thing to do!

We would like to start this post with a request, if you have been to a show of ours and have pictures or videos please feel free to drop us a line and send them along. As we are always on stage performing it is difficult for us to take photos and we would love to be able to post more of them on our website and facebook page. You can contact us here  http://erinsmarlore.com/contact-us/ or through our facebook page which is https://www.facebook.com/erinsmarlore/

Looking back a few weeks we would like to touch on our amazing experience at Pirate Fest in Guelph, it was a fantastic year for the festival despite the rain. Although we have only been playing at it for a couple years it has quickly become something we really look forward to and plan for all year long. For those of you who have not been we highly recommend checking it out, it is an entire weekend of piratey fun, games, food, music, and shenanigans. Feel free to check them out in further detail here http://thepiratefestival.com/ . Pirate Fest has not been the only festival we are involved in this year though and we are so excited to tell you all about them.

This was our first chance to play at a highland games festival this year and for us that was a huge milestone. Since we put this band together we’ve been wanting to play one and the wonderful people at The Cobourg Highland Games invited us this year. It was a great experience and we really hope we will be back. In other festival news we will be returning to Buzzfest this year in Terra Cotta, its a great little event with a picturesque outdoor venue. It always has fantastic food and the vendors are all local. The Buzzfest people always treat us so well and we are more than excited to be back again this year to play! There is another event we will be working at in Terra Cotta come October as well called the Terra Cotta Fall Festival which is a celebration of the fall colours it is a new event for us but we are looking forward to playing there as well. Festivals are not the only events we are involved in we are also playing at several pubs as well so feel free to check out our event page and join us for any or all of these performances we know we would love to see you there!

You may notice in our event page that we have some January dates in already and we are happy to announce that we are booking into next year already, we have some news on St. Patrick’s Day but we will hold off until everything is confirmed before releasing news about that. We can only say that as always St. Patrick’s Day will be an amazing one and we can’t wait!

That is a bit of an update on what is happening with us right now and we will keep you all posted on what we are doing as we find out about it. As always we love to hear from all of you so feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments on any of our available communication methods. You can contact us by email, facebook, twitter, or our contact form on this website.

Looking forward to a great next few gigs with you all,



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